A downloadable game for Windows

This is a fast-paced shooter, survival and road trip game. Play solo or with a friend (local co-op with keyboard or controller). 

As granny Smith guides you over the radio, raid gas stations and drug stores for important supplies (food, ammo, fuel and medicine) while dealing with infected monsters and evil government soldiers; find 100 different weapons such as shotguns, grenades, flame throwers, baseball bats and stealthy crossbows!

To win the game, you need to survive far enough to reach Area 61 and face the dangers there. But beware! Each night infected will swarm your (badly lit) camp and each day the world grow ever thougher!

Stay too long looting and noise and time will draw more infected near. Trade loot for a sweet grenade launcher, new armour or why not a bicycle helmets in camps. Look for better vehicles to continue your journey.

While most fun with a friend, the game is challenging enough on higher difficulties for replayability. Also, each step is risky as perma-death looms over your character! 


All mechanics are done and you can complete the game (I wont spoil the epic ending). I've worked on this game for some years now! My latest version is downloadable below. Please comment below any problems, balance issues or general suggestions you might have! The game is free to download and will remain so.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and run the game.exe (no install and no messing with your registry).

The game needs directx so it only runs on windows.


Rotten Road Rampage 1.0 53 MB

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