A downloadable game for Windows

A swashbuckling adventure in the vains of "Pirates!" Set out in search for fame, influence and booty in this open-world Caribbean game!

Key features:

  • Command a flagship and up to 4 escort ships in battle
  • Gain ranks and run missions for the Spanish, English, French and Dutch
  • Upgrade skills and aquire new ships, from schooners to massive warships
  • Hunt smugglers cashes, famous pirates, cutthroat hideouts and lost cities
  • Trade and loot a variety of goods in a simplified demand/supply system
  • Gain estates and collect the riches therefrom
  • Skill-based ship-to-ship battles (boarding combat is auto for now)


Most gameplay systems are implemented but lots of content is still missing. There is 15 shiptypes included in various sizes (both warships and merchants) and basic quests, levelling of ranks, trading etc.


PlunderHorizon (alpha 6) 61 MB

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